Prymal: The Jungle Warrior

Orphaned as child, Silvia Felidae is rescued by a mystical ancient people and is raised to become the protector of The Amazon and it's native people as…Prymal! Prymal is endowed with the ability to communicate with and summon the traits of any animal, as well as heightened strength and agility. Prymal is forced to confront the Machiavellian Alessandro Barbosa and battle the super powered mercenary team known as The Huntsmen. Although Barbosa's intentions seem apparent, his clandestine goals are far more sinister.

Prymal: The Jungle Warrior was Co-Created and written by Marcelo Bravo and Eric Alan Nelson with series pencils by Eric Alan Nelson, inker Andrea Peron and colors by Russell Vincent Yu

Star Valkyrie

If you like "Heavy Metal", you'll love Star Valkyrie! Star Valkyrie is a space faring adventure featuring Sakkar, A mercenary and bounty hunter who becomes involved in a galactic struggle between the forces of the Galactic Monarchy and The Outer Worlds Confederacy. MATURE READERS due to graphic violence and nudity! Covers by Tim Vigil (Faust: Love of the Damned), Jed Dougherty (World's Finest Comics) and Eric Alan Nelson (Prymal: The Jungle Warrior) with story by Marcelo Bravo with art by Elmer Cantada and Luis Figuerido.